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You don’t need me to tell you Russell Wilson is great: So here’s why he’s great!

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Measure of greatness is subjective; statistics can be twisted and altered to make a point of view seem immutable.  We use stats to prove our point and draw parallels to push a narrative.  The great Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has in his 2nd year already won a Superbowl and has a couple Pro Bowl considerations.  Here are a couple reasons why we should gush about his greatness.

Most regular season wins by a quarterback in his first three seasons (35)
Here is a striking fact: Wilson has more wins as a quarterback than any other QB ever. Let that sink in. In the history of football, no QB has more wins in 3 years.

There is a prevailing argument that a QB does not win games as it is a team sport. This argument is a fallacy; the quarterback is the single most important player on your team.

Similarly, in baseball the pitcher earns the win, in hockey the goalie earns a win. In team sports, certain positions can indeed be the nexus of the team. There are certain positions that a coach states “I am going with player X, because player X gives us the best chance to WIN THE GAME.”

In baseball, a pitcher gets traded because they can’t win games, in hockey a goalie gets benched because he can’t win games, and in football a QB gets cut, when they can’t win games.


Could another QB do any better?

Let us reset the clock 3 years and speculate: let us ask ourselves, with all honesty, had Russell Wilson not been drafted by the Seahawks, does this team win a Super Bowl with Matt Flynn or Tavaris Jackson. Do either of the QBs have the ability to score 72 passing touchdowns and 11 rushing touchdowns in 3 years?

Do either of them have it within themselves to have 14 fourth quarter, come-from-behind victories with 9 game wining drives? Do either of them have the leadership skill to rally a team that almost dissolved in week 6 from dissent?

These questions are of course rhetorical, the answer is a resounding NO they do not have that ability. And as we watch other rookie QBs of his generation fall by the wayside, it turns out no other young QB has that ability either.

If Nick Foles, Colin Kapernick, Cam Newton, or Andy Dalton were Seahawks, none could produce in the clutch, under the duress, with the physical beating, or provide the leadership at the level of Wilson (I do wish to give proper credit to Andrew Luck, he is good).


Yes, we have to always keep in mind that Wilson has only 3 years of experience; one’s legacy is malleable, subject to change.  There are stats one can look at to try and shape the argument one way or the other, but in the grand scheme of things Russell Wilson wins. He wins with his feet, he wins with his arm, and he pulls together himself, his locker room, and his teammates on the field.

Be it personal problems in his life (divorce, other teammates), or be it a 250 pound crazed linebacker Russell Wilson continues to battle through and just win.

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