Yes Seattle is interested in hockey NHL team hits 10k season ticket deposits in 720 seconds

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Yes Seattle is interested in hockey NHL team hits 10k season ticket deposits in 12 minutes

Anybody who did not know that Seattle was interested in an NHL team before March 1st, is hopefully convinced now. Potential NHL expansion franchise owners just held a ticket drive for season ticket holders. They had hoped to get to 10,000 deposits in 10 days. The 500 deposits were to secure trust with the NHL that hockey has a customer base here in Seattle, little did they know that they would hit their mark in just 12 minutes. In fact, they would have 25,000 deposits in the 1st day alone–the stadium will only have a 17,000 seat capacity!

Las Vegas is considered to be a rousing success in selling out their stadium with 17,500 season ticket holder. However, Las Vegas took two days to reach 5,000 deposits and a month to reach 9,000.

SSU’s take

With the Oak View Group, satisfying NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s key terms for expansion a viable arena, proof of a solid fan base, , and a buyer (Jerry Bruckheimer) Seattle is all but assured to be approved of a franchise.  I personally put in for a deposit for the NHL as myself and many other Seattlites have been hungry for a winter sport–since the Sonics were stolen from us.

While it remains to be seen what the ticket prices are going to be like, it is cathartic to show the rest of the country that we the Seattle sports fans are among the best out there. We are the rowdiest MLS fans, we are the loudest NFL fans, we were the best NBA fans, and we are the most patient (cough cough) MLB fans. The NHL will be taken by storm and see a fanatic fan base that will rival the blue bloods.

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