Will Bruin saves the day with stoppage time goal, Sounders tie Timbers 1-1

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This game started off bad, real bad. Just 10 minutes in the Portland Timbers’ Andres Flores nailed a goal off a Stefan Frei rebound to take the lead. The Timbers would then “park the bus” and play defense to try and outlast the Seattle Sounders… and it almost worked.

The Sounders offense was on a bit off s they had an explosive 15 shots; however only 1 was on target. Misfires were the name of the game until the 93rd minute when Will Bruin would hit the equalizer .

“I’ve got to make it dramatic,” Bruin said during a video-conference call with media. He suffered a season-ending knee injury last year. Thursday marked his first full match since June 2019. “That’s why I get frustrated sometimes when I sub out because I know there’s always a chance at the very end.”

Photo credit: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

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