Why haven’t the Seahawks cut Marshawn Lynch yet?

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Marshawn Lynch has retired; with his epic tweet everyone is quite aware of that. With only, $10 million in cap money, why haven’t the Seahawks cut Lynch by now? Is he being kept in case he changes his mind? Is it out of spite? Those could be a part of it, but most likely it is to save the Hawks from “dead money.”

Marshawn Lynch literally hung up his cleats (twitter.com)

The Seahawks are famously outstanding at keeping dead money to a minimum. Dead money is a hit to the Seahawks salary cap number for a player who no longer is on the roster.

Right now, the Seahawks have $3,478,044 in dead money. Most of that money was in a gamble for corner back Cary Williams ($2,333,334). The remaining players who are owed $ are quite inconsequential.

$3 million is not that bad when you look at a team like the New Orleans Saints who have $31.07 million in dead money. Other teams in “salary cap hell” include other non contenders such as the Bears, the Buccaneers, 49ers, and Dolphins.

If Lynch were to play this year, he would earn $9 million and his Salary Cap number translates to $11.5 million. Seems easy to cut him and save $11.5 million right? Not so fast!

Due to the incredibly complicated NFL salary cap rules, if the Seahawks were to cut Marshawn Lynch right now, The Seahawks would be forced to take on $5 million in dead money.

Now, June 1st is a magical date, if the Seahawks cut Lynch after June 1st, then the Hawks would halve the dead money and take on only $2.5 million this year. This would then increase the available salary cap money from the current $10 million to $19 million. The extra $2.5 million from the overall $5 million number would then be counted against the books the following year, spreading out the dead money.

$19 million is a pretty interesting number, in that there are a lot more options that the Hawks could have in getting that player they need to replace Brandon Mebane and Russell Okung.


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