The scoreboard said 27-27 tie, but Major League Rugby is a win in my book

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The Seattle Seawolves went down at halftime by a score of 17-27; however, they would mount an incredible comeback to tie the game with two tries (touchdowns?) and conversion (field goal? Extra point?) and pull a minor victory form the clutches of defeat. From the perspective of a new fan (newbie? noob?) rugby looks like constant series of car crashes with a ball….and I am loving it.

Photo Credit: Abraham Deweese

The impression I had was that Utah Warriors were actually a less talented team but got quite a few lucky breaks. Heavily influenced by refs, who may have been influenced themselves by professional wrestling referees, the Warriors got off to a hot start with 27 points (runs? goals?) in the 1st half.

Photo Credit: Abraham Deweese

But, the hometown green and blue, and reigning, defending, and won’t go down fighting Major League Ruby Champs didn’t seem to care that the visitors got the jump on them. The Seawolves would find themselves in the 60th minute scoring a touchdown—err….try—then would go on to benefit off a Utah mistake to earn a penalty kick (field goal?) to tie the game.

Ultimately, while I didn’t completely understand how it happened I got a huge thrill out of it. I was constant action with few breaks and athletes who cared, tried hard, sacrificed, and earned everything they got. Often we watch our major league teams and see complacency and entitlement…none of that exists here at the Seattle Seawolves game.

Photo credit Abraham DeWeese

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