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Photo courtesy of Bellingham Bells

Malakhi Knight is a 6’3, 185 lb baseball player who is from the state of Washington.  He is currently playing in the West Coast Baseball League (a summer college baseball league) with our own Bellingham Bells, just north from where he just graduated high school from Marysville Getchell.  Malachi was an all-state basketball and baseball player who had quite the following over his career that is only just beginning.  After opting out of the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft back in July (after day one of the draft), Knight signed to play with the Bellingham Bells to finish out his summer before heading off to play at UCLA.  Malakhi is currently hitting .329 with 2 home runs and 9 RBIs while stealing 6 bags during his summer of collegiate baseball, not bad for someone who thought he might have been off to play in the big leagues this summer.

We at the Seattle Sports Union recently had the opportunity to sit down with the playoff bound Bellingham Bells outfielder and get to know a little bit more about who is Malakhi Knight and why he is the next sensation to come out of Marysville, Washington.

SSU:  How are you young man?  Thank you for taking the time to visit with us this evening.  We are big fans!

MK: Thank you for the kind words and it’s my pleasure.  I am doing well.

SSU: How old were you when you started playing baseball?

MK: For as long as I can remember. Probably 6 years old is when I started playing tee-ball.  I just love the game and can’t get enough of it.

SSU: Outstanding!! Did you always play outfield or did you play any other positions? 

MK: Believe it or not I just started playing outfield a couple of summers ago, mainly center field and I absolutely love it.  I started out as a pitcher and I also played shortstop.  The older I got, the better fit was for me to play in the outfield.

SSU: I am a huge fan and have followed you for a long time.  Many friends of mine had their sons play against you and they just raved on how amazing your game was.  There are also many cool videos of you on YouTube playing baseball and basketball.

Where did you attend high school and why? For some reason I thought you transferred.  Why did you choose baseball when all was said and done?  Malakhi, your stats in basketball just flew off the charts.  I’m sure you had so many options for your future.

MK: I actually went to the same high school all 4 years.  I almost attended O’dea High School in Seattle but I ended up going to Marysville-Getchell with all my friends and it was the best four years of my life.  I played baseball and basketball there and the basketball team went to state my junior year.

I chose baseball for my love for the game.  It was my first love.  The feeling you get when you are in the batter’s box against the pitcher there’s nothing better.

SSU: What do you like to do in your free time?  Who is your favorite sports athlete of all time in baseball and basketball?  Who do you model your game after (in baseball that is)?  Who is your favorite baseball team?

MK: I love to play video games during my free time.  I also love to fish and hang out with my friends.  I can’t forget basketball though.  Whenever I get the chance I love to shoot hoops.

My favorite basketball player of all time has got to be Lebron James.  As for baseball it is definitely Mike Trout.  I’m a huge fan of Mike Trout.

I like to think I model my game after Mookie Betts of the LA Dodgers.  We seem to play the same style of game in the field and at the plate.

As for my favorite team, it has to be the Angels of Anaheim.

SSU: Our readers and all your fans want to know.  Why did you pull out of the Major League Baseball Draft after day one?

MK:  My expectations didn’t go as planned (there were other reasons too we won’t get into) and UCLA wanted me to play there.  How could I say no!  They had one of the top recruiting classes in the nation.  I know several recruits that are going there.  It was the right choice for me to attend college.  The draft didn’t work out as well as I planned.  UCLA was the best choice for me and my career.

SSU: You chose Oregon State University before you moved on to UCLA.  Why is that and why did you change your mind?

MK: Oregon State wanted me to attend early in my high school career.  We all know what a great baseball program that they have there and its rich history.  Over the last couple years the coaching staff turned over.  UCLA wanted me and I wanted to go somewhere that I felt more wanted.  UCLA has one of the top baseball programs in the country and had one of the best recruiting classes behind Florida.

SSU: What are your chances of making the college world series before you decide to go pro?  That recruiting class that you are a part of is phenomenal!

MK: I think our chances are great to make it to Omaha sometime soon.  We have collected a great group of talent.  Let’s see what happens.

SSU: I know you are just starting out in college but have you picked a major?

MK: I have.  I want to major in Business Economics.

SSU: What do you want to be doing 20 years from now when you are wrapping up your baseball career?

MK: That is a great question. I really want to get into broadcasting, so baseball broadcasting it is. I also want to have a family. I will be happy to have a baseball career even if it does not last 20 years.

SSU: After you retire, when they make a movie about Malakhi Knight, who plays you on the big screen?

MK:  I love Michael B. Jordan movies, so Michael B. Jordan would be the one who plays me.

SSU: What is your favorite sports movie of all time?

MK: I do not really watch that many sports movies but the one with Adam Sandler where he plays football in a prison (the classic Burt Reynolds film of the 1970s that was remade).

After trying to think of the movie for a few seconds we gave up 😊. But we all knew of the movie he was talking about.

SSU: Thank you Malakhi Knight for joining us tonight for a few minutes. We genuinely appreciate all that you said, and we cannot wait to watch what happens next for you. Best of luck.

MK:  Thank you, this was fun. Take care.

Malakhi Knight is a name to watch over the next few years. He is off to UCLA in the fall after Bellingham finishes their 2021 season (West Coast League Champions?) He is a five-tool player and a future first round pick if he stays healthy (you can count on that prediction). We wish you nothing but the best young man.

By-the-way, as Malakhi was leaving the stadium we remembered the name of the movie. We shouted out “The Longest Yard” to him as he exited the stadium. We all shared a good laugh as he left the ballpark and went to join his teammates.

Malakhi Knight, do not forget his name.

Go Bellingham Bells!

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