Sounders win Cascadia silver in 2-1 win over Caps

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photo credit: Max Aquino

The Seattle Sounders took the Cascadia Cup after a 2-1 win over the Vancouver Whitecaps. In addition to the trophy, the Sounders would win their 9th straight game as their assault on the MLS playoffs now sees them in 5th place in the Western Conference standings with a couple games in hand.

Newcomer Raul Rudiaz, would provide the brace to give the SOunders the position to earn the win today. The 1st goal came in the 21st minute on a marvelous transitional goal. Brad Smith ran down the left side to scoot a ball into Harry Shipp at the top of the box. Shipp passed onto Kelvin Leerdam, who crossed to Leerdam and the rest we will say…was history as Rudiaz would put the Rave Green

The Sounders would win the Cup down a knotch or 2 with what is now a 4 poin tlead with a game in hand. The Cascadia Cup may seem minor across the globe, but this is just 3rd time in rencent memory that hte Sounders have bested Portalnd and and Vancouer to earn this rphy.

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