Seahawks become a serious contender with win over Rams

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The Seattle Seahawks took on the LA Rams in prime-time on Thursday and changed the NFL world’s view on Russell Wilson and this Seahawks squad. The Rams were the bully of the NFC last year taking a spot in the Super Bowl but in front of a national audience the Hawks would take the 30-29 win and propel themselves into the playoff picture.

The Rams were a top choice by many to make it back to the Super Bowl listed with +1600 odds by But with Russel Wilson’s 4 TD and 156 QB rating against the Rams there appears to be a new sheriff in town in the NFC West. The Hawks who were listed as the 12th best team at +2800 odds to win it all showed that they have the best weapon in all of football with the criminally under rated Russel Wilson.

To be a serious contender, it is quite clear you need to have a top notch QB. The top 6 contenders, we are talking, New England (+250), Kansas City (+350), Dallas (+1000), New Orleans (+1200), and Philadelphia (+1600) all have superstar QBs—don’t worry Saints fans Drew Brees will be back. So what the NFL is finally learning, is that Russell Wilson is every bit the equal of Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz, and Drew Brees.  He is certainly better than Dak Prescott—but I hesitate to say anyone is better than Tom Brady (championships matter folks).

Let’s look at why Wilson take the Seahawks to the promised land. The Seahawks are a run dominant team, however, they have opened up the game a bit for Wilson. With 31 attempts per game, he has slightly upped his average and now leads the NFL in TDs with 12 and is 3rd in the NFL in total passing yards. Make no mind that Wilson has now eclipsed Patrick Mahomes in QB rating with a ridiculous 126 rating to Mahomes 120.

It isn’t just the QB that will get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, it will be an effective ground game and we have seen in in one Chris Carson. Carson who had a case of the fumbles earlier this season has protected the ball in recent weeks. With 380 rushing yards Chris is now #3 in the NFL in rushing yards and evidenced by his 4th and goal TD reception has shown that he has multiple dimensions.

Before we toot the Seahawks horn too much we need to see more from the defense. While they rank #5 in rushing defense, they have allowed 23.6 points per game which gives them a mediocre #19 ranking.  This is a complete 180 from a couple years ago where the Legion of Boom suffocated teams. But that is what makes the NFL so much fun, each year brings new opportunities and new expectations.  We had few expectations to begin this season, but at 4-1 and with the best QB in the game today, feel free to dream big Seahawks fans. Don’t just dream for the playoffs, the ultimate prize in the Super Bowl is now a reality.’

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