Reaction: Mariners Stop Losing Streak at Five

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Dae Ho Lee hit a game winner today!  In extra innings, the Korean import launched a 387 ft blast to deep left center in the 10th inning to stop the Mariners’ five game losing streak. But then again the Seattle Mariners (3-6) blew a great start by Taijuan Walker and were pummeled on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The reality of the situation is that the Seattle Mariners (3-6) found a way to depress and dissatisfy hundreds of thousands of Safeco faithful this last week. After getting swept by the A’s, the M’s continued the cavalcade of humiliation by dropping 2 of the 3 games to the Texas Rangers (5-5).

I am not entirely certain that I wish to include any highlights as most of the dazzling play was on the side of the Rangers. Whether it was Monday, when M’s pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma looked pretty average or the 8-0 utter beat-down that Wade Miley took Tuesday, this team looked pretty outmatched and undergunned.

The good news

Dae-Ho! Is a Dea, is a Dea, is a Dea-ho!

The Mariners stopped losing! Thanks to a 2 run dinger by Dae Ho Lee, the M’s can stop wallowing in pity and try and turn themselves around. Lee’s pinch hit home run shows that the 33 year old may still have something to offer. This is a good thing, as his platoon mate, Adam Lind has shown nothing at all,.

Walker Texas wrangler

Thank goodness for Taijuan Walker! The kid from Shreveport, LA is keeping hope alive for this team stuck in the mire.  As darn awful as Wade Miley has been, Walker has been that darn good.

Walker was robbed of a win by terrible offense last Friday against Oakland and robbed of another opportunity for a win by Joel Peralta’s second blown save. All Tajuan did was go and give up 2 runs in 6 innings for a quality start.  Today, Walker threw another 6 innings for another quality start.

Apr 13 TEX 6.0 5 1 1 0 2 4 0 0 2.25
Apr 8 OAK 6.0 7 2 2 1 0 4 0 0 3.00

The bad

The beard of a champ, the arm of a chump

Wade Miley needs to spend less time looking like WWE Champion Daniel Brian (pictured), and more time working to become a champion (

Starting pitcher Wade Miley has a beard reminiscent of WWE Champion Daniel Bryan; however, unlike the scrappy little wrestler, Miley is pretty mediocre and heard a chorus of boos from the fans.

I am willing to face it: Miley is what his baseball card says he is – a .500 pitcher, who is going to look awful in as many games as he has looked bad. And I am willing to accept that he can eat up a bunch of innings (198 innings over 4 years). And what we are all going to have to accept is that when Miley is having a bad game, it’s going to be bad times for this team—and right now it is bad times for the Mariners.

Apr 12 TEX 6.0 10 6 6 1 0 7 0 1 8.25
Apr 6 @TEX 6.0 7 5 5 1 0 7 0 0 7.50

Looking at Miley’s horrendous two starts one can imagine a blemish appearing on Mariner General Manager Jerry Dipoto’s resume.

Old man Beltre, he just keeps rolling

Former Seattle Mariner, and in my opinion future Hall of Famer, third baseman Adrian Beltre is on fire this year. The 37 year old, whom the M’s let go 7 years ago because he was too old, is putting up an All-Star season for the Texas Rangers. Defensively, Beltre has contributed to 5 double plays and zero errors for the MLB’s best defense.

Offensively, he has been a menace to True to the Blue fans. Tuesday night, Beltre had a moonshot home run, a double, and 5 RBI to obliterate the Mariners hopes and dreams.

On the year, Beltre’s bat (.314 avg), glove, and leadership have turned this Rangers team around.

The confusing

Is Cano going to get more singles? Who knows? (

What’s with the home runs? I have Cano idea

For some weird reason, Mariners second baseman Robison Cano has decided that he only wants to hit home runs this year.  Of his 7 hits this year, Cano has 5 homeruns, 1 double, and a solitary single.  While his batting average is a miserable .194, his slugging % is .639.  Robbie, we love you, but how about a few more singles to keep the rallies going?  In the 3 game series versus the Rangers, Cano has left 8 men on base.

SSU’s Take

This team isn’t bad, but the hole they are digging themselves is very bad. They have a lot of star players like King Felix, Robbie Cano, Kyle Seager, Nelson Cruz, and Taijuan Walker.  By all accounts they have strong role players like Chris Iannetta, Nori Aoki, Seth Smith, Joquin Benoit, and Leonys Martin, but for some reason these are the same old Mariners.

They fizzle in April, dig a deep hole that requires an epic summer to crawl out of.  The M’s continue to squander good pitching performances; batters try to hit home runs in the expansive park at Safeco, the bullpen is still a mess, and clutch hitting is apparently a myth.

Manager Scott Servais took this job to fix problems exactly like this. Jerry Dipoto got him talent that theoretically should contend, and it is up to the rookie manager to motivate his players. Be it with a stick or a hug, Mariner fans don’t care, but this losing shall not continue or jobs will be lost.


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