New look Cardinals shadow of former selves

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The Arizona Cardinals take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday and similar to the Hawks, they are going through a bit of a transition period. Unlike the Seahawks though, they look bad in almost all phases of the game and will look to rookie QB Josh Rosen to spark the team in his 1st NFL appearance.

Offensively, the Cards are miserable. They are dead last in points (6.7 points per game average), passing yards (132 ypg), and dead last in running (58.3 ypg). With a talent like David Johnson at running back, there is n reason that should be the case.

Because they have not had the lead much, running the ball hasn’t presented itself much, but in 3 games, Johnson has only ran 34 times. He needs the ball a lot more and his line will need to do a better job blocking.

Josh Rosen replaces an injured Sam Bradford at QB. Bradford’s run was not very good and much lowered expectations for Josh Rosen may be of benefit to the 21 year old out of UCLA.

The Hawks should expect to see a heavy dose of Larry Fitzgerald as he leads a corp of unknown receivers. The receivers will see a return of veteran Jermaine Gresham who was out the last several days for an Achilles injury.

As bad as the offense has been, the defense has been only marginally better. Long gone are the days of a fearsome defensive line. While Chandler Jones is still quite the stud on the line, the Cards no longer have the swarms of rushers.

Look for the Cads to stack the box to stop Chris Carson while a talented defensive backfield play man to man. All-World talent Patrick Peterson still is playing at a high level and ex-Husky Buddha Baker has made a name for himself, earning a pro bowl last ear in his rookie season.

Ultimately, this is a team looking t next year, and if the the Hawks play the type of ball they did against the Cowboys, the Seahawks run away with it by at least 10 points

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