Lockett’s 200 yards and Metcalf’s speed mean nothing as Hawks lose in OT 37-34

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Yes it is Glendale, AZ where strange stuff happens, but this time the strange stuff can all be accounted for with sloppy mistakes by the offense and horrifically bad defense. The Seahawks were at several points in the game winning, only to hand the ball to the Cardinals time after time and allow them to march up the up an down the field.

Tyler Lockett had 15 catches for 200 yards and 3 TDs — all records for a Seahawks receiver. And in the 2nd quarter, DK Metcalf with a 10 yard difference tracked down former UW Husky Budda Baker (who runs a 4.3x 40 by the way) and saved a pick 6 TD.

Unfortunately, a down game by Russell Wilson–and by down game we are saying he went 2250 for 388 yards and 3 TDs–where he was picked off 3 times undid the Seahawks chances. Russell did run for 84 yards by far outdoing Kyler Murray, however, 34 points just wasn’t enough to win.

The defense was bad. They were epically bad as they have been all season allowing 37 points and a combined 520 yards. Kyler Murray threw for 360 yards and had 3 TDs and De Andre Hopkins had 102 yards. Larry Fitzgerald ran wild with 8 catches and the even less than mediocre Seahawks defense couldn’t stop the Cardinals when it counted the most at the end of the game.

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