Inept defense dooms Seahawks in 44-34 loss to Bills

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To say that the Seattle Seahawks have an inept defense is an insult to every bad defense to have ever played this game. The Seattle Seahawks are on pace to break the all time record for most yards allowed in a season set by the New Orleans Saints back in 2012. This awful defense was on display in all its glory on Sunday morning in a 44-34 beatdown by the Buffalo Bills.

The time is done for even the most ardent homers in Seattle to face up to facts this is the worst Seahawks defense of all time and it isnt even close.  Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen–who is a decent QB–lit up the Hawks to the tune of 415 yards in the air, 3 TDs and a nearly perfect QB rating of 145. Allen went 31-38 in the air and was yet another QB who the Seahawks made look like Dan Marino.

The Seahawks pass defense did get an astounding 7 sacks; however, the fact that they allowed 8 scoring drives was just abysmal. Thru 8 games, they have allowed more yards than the entire season of 2013 or 2014.

The Seahawks offense turned the ball over 4 times and that wasnt very helpful; however, they did score their season average of 34 points per game which had the Seahawks a league average defense would have handily won the game.  But this isnt an average defense this is the worst, that any Seahawks fans have ever laid eyes upon. It will take a herculean effort by the entire defense and the defensive coaching staff to at least get them to “mediocre.” If they dont, kiss this season’s Super Bowl chances good bye.

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