Edgar trending to HOF enshrinement?

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PEORIA, AZ – 1997: Edgar Martinez of the Seattle Mariners poses for a portrait circa 1997 Peoria Stadium in Peoria, Arizona. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/MLB Photos via Getty Images)











Edgar trending to HOF enshrinement?

Beloved Seattle Mariner icon, Edgar Martinez is very close to earning enshrinement to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Currently, based on early voting, ‘Gar is hovering just above the 75% mark needed to earn his way to where he rightfully belongs. Edgar has nearly doubled his percentage from 2015, indicating voters may seem to have finally begun to get it through to their thick brains that a designated hitter should be eligible for the HOF.

Extreme bias against the DH seems to finally be lifting as presumably voters seem to have started understanding historical context, SABRE stats, and pro-Edgar testimony from HOF members.  The DH has been a position in the MLB since 1973 and we are starting to see the old, hard-line writers starting to fade out as new voters who understand that the DH (and bullpen) is a legitimate position and warrants consideration.

Edgar Martinez has won two AL batting titles, earned seven All-Star selections and finished with a .312 average and 309 HRs. A Twitter personality from Virginia, Ryan M. Spaeder sent a SABR statistical analysis to 250 HOF voters to show him.  Statistical analysis for Edgar against David Ortiz (a future HOF) show Edgar to eclipse him if various key statistics–including WAR.

Spaeder: “Moreover, Martinez bested Ortiz in career rWAR by 12.9, despite 353 fewer games played. And (oh, by the way) Ortiz had just one season (2007) in which he equaled each leg of Martinez’s career .312/.418/.515.”

David Ortiz:

— .286/.380/.552

— 55.4 rWAR | 50.7 fWAR

— 141 OPS+

— 140 wRC+

— .392 wOBA

Edgar Martinez:

— .312/.418/.515

— 68.3 rWAR | 65.5 fWAR

— 147 OPS+

— 147 wRC+

— .405 wOBA



Also, looking at the slash lines of a couple other HOF players who played over a 1 thousand games at DH, we see Edgar to be quite representative.

Frank Thomas: .301/.419/.555 (156 OPS+), 154 wRC+, .416 wOBA

Paul Molitor: .306/.369/.448 (122 OPS+), 122 wRC+, .361 wOBA

Edgar Martinez: .312/.418/.515 (147 OPS+), 147 wRC+, .405 wOBA

“Believe it or not, the guy that I hated facing the most wasn’t a guy that really did well against me. It was actually a guy that didn’t do that well … The toughest guy I faced I think — with all due respect to all the players in the league — was Edgar Martinez. He had to make me throw at least 13 fastballs above 95 (each time we faced). I was hard-breathing after that. Edgar was a guy that had the ability to foul off pitches, and it pissed me off because I couldn’t get the guy out.”–Pedro Martinez

Each year, HOF pitchers have been asked who they thought was the most difficult hitter to compete against. In a yearly procession, Randy Johnson, Mariano Rivera, and Pedro Martinez all stated that Edgar was the most dangerous player of his generation.

“Edgar Martinez is, hands down, the best hitter that I’ve ever seen,” Randy Johnson said. “I’m glad I didn’t have to face him too much. Having seen him play from ’89 to all the way when I left, I got to see him a lot against great pitchers. Like I said, hands down, he is the best pure hitter that I got to see on a nightly basis. And I hope that his time comes soon, that he gets a phone all stating that he’s a Hall of Fame player, because he is.”

High praise from his peers, the stats, and finally a less biased voting pool helps give hope to Edgar and his fans that in 2018, he will finally get his due in the pantheon of baseball greats. January 24th all ballots are due and we will find out for certian.

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