Brandon Marshall cut, Seahawks move on

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Brandon Marshall had a distinguished career and may ultimately find himself in the Hall of Fame. He will not and has not made an impact with the Seattle Seahawks at the age of 34. This may be his final stop as he was just cut by the Hawks.

The writing was on the wall last week as Brandon saw the field fewer than a 1/2 dozen plays. Marshall has just 11 catches for 136 yards in 7 games. He is owed a paltry $1.105 million but has not produced as expected.

Surprisingly, the talents of 2nd year breakout performer David Moore has made Marshall expendable. Without a doubt Baldwin and Tyler Lockett firmly ensconced in the lead roles, Moore has found a way to overcome Brandon. With a similar 11 catches, the former 7th rounder has 221 yards and 4 TDs outshining the elder statesman. Sunday really cemented his position as he had 4 catches for 97 yards and a TD.

Football can be cruel to its progenitors and in this case Marshall will be giving way to the next generation. Football fans will still marvel at his 13 year career that saw him score six 100 catch season with over 12k yards and 83 TDs. Brandon should get in the Hall of Fame and Hawks fans wish him well..even though we wish he had 1 more 100 catch season in him.

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